Gravel Base Installation

When installing asphalt pavement, you want to start with a stable gravel aggregate base, and to get one of those, you need professional paving contractors with experience. In the Atlanta, GA area, those professionals are Miller Brothers Paving, Inc. Our paving contractors are trained in all aspects of asphalt paving from the ground up.

What is a Gravel Aggregate Base?

A GAB is a base layer for pavement that consists of small stones and sand called aggregates mixed with gravel according to the conditions. It is laid between the underlying soil and the top layer of pavement, whether that’s asphalt or concrete. This gravel aggregate base provides stability and allows water to flow away from pavement.

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Factors affecting your asphalt base include:Strength and Stability: A gravel base will be laid in varying thicknesses to create an even surface for the pavement layer. In order to remain stable, professional pavers will compact the gravel base to ensure that it has a smooth surface that will support the weight of vehicles.

Moisture Control: A high quality GAB will be mixed from larger aggregates like gravel and soil elements like sand to provide tiny cracks and holes for water to flow away. To ensure enough drainage, the base layer will also be graded for a proper slope.

Your Trusted Local GAB Installation Experts

The family behind Miller Brothers Paving, Inc has been paving in and around Atlanta, Georgia since 1954, and we proudly serve the greater metro Atlanta area, including Marietta, Summing, and Alpharetta, GA, to this day. Property managers and owners in the area needing new pavement, whether that’s an asphalt parking lot or concrete walkways, can rest assured that Miller Brothers Paving will install long-lasting pavement starting from the ground up. We have the right equipment to properly install a gravel base that will keep your pavement healthy for decades.

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