Most Trusted Paving Contractor in Alpharetta GA

In Alpharetta GA, Miller Brothers Paving Inc is the most trusted paving company not only because we’ve been paving the area for almost half a century, but also because we provide the highest quality pavement maintenance and installation services at the best prices. Our trained contractors work hard to make your parking lot or roadway safe and beautiful.

Best Paving Services in Alpharetta GA

– Parking Lot Sealcoating

– Asphalt Resurfacing

– Parking Lot Paving

– Curbs & Gutters

– Hot Crack Sealing

– Pothole Repair


  • We’re a true family owned and operated paving business passed from a father to his sons, and we’re proud to serve our local area.
  • Over the decades, we’ve continually expanded our operation with new paving equipment and training for our contractors so that we can give our local clients the best.
  • We maintain licensing and insurance to ensure that every paving job is compliant with national and local laws to keep all visitors to your property safe.

All About Alpharetta GA

Located within the greater Atlanta GA metropolitan area in Fulton County, Alpharetta GA is a thriving suburb that had a 2010 population of 57,551. The community is growing, with an estimated population of 67,000 in 2019. The area also has a long history separate from metro Atlanta, with one of the oldest settlements in the area located in what is now downtown Alpharetta: a trading post called the Methodist Camp Ground. Previously named Milton, the city was officially chartered in 1858, and there are many historic buildings from this era still in the town, including the historic Simeon and Jane Rucker Log House, built in 1833.

More than just a bedroom community for Atlanta, Alpharetta GA has many national companies offering employment, including tech companies like IBM and Microsoft, as well as retailers like Publix Super Markets and more. Though not part of the Atlanta public transport system, MARTA, Alpharetta is served by major state and US highways, as well as the Big Creek Greenway, an 8 mile bicycling and walking trail. There are also several modern retail complexes like North Point Mall and Avalon. On Main Street, the Downtown Alpharetta Welcome Center provides visitors with information on the many local attractions and annual events like October’s Brew Moon Fest and Scarecrow Harvest.

Asphalt Contractor completes Parking Lot Paving in Alpharetta GA

Miller Brothers Paving is the trusted paving company in Fulton County communities like Roswell and Alpharetta GA because we not only have decades of experience in paving services, but also the right equipment to create the best parking lots for our clients’ needs. Recently a general contractor building a new retail park in Roswell GA contacted us because they knew the Miller Brothers crew are the best in the area.

To install a long-lasting asphalt parking lot, there’s effective procedures to follow that starts with a stable gravel aggregate base. Experienced paving contractors know to grade the land and this gravel base to provide proper drainage and a durable underlayer for the pavement. After that, we applied a binder layer, and finally an asphalt surface layer that’s thick enough to support the weight of vehicles. To finish off the parking lot, we paint parking lines, ADA compliant symbols, and traffic symbols. We can also finish off the parking lot with concrete curbs and parking bumpers.

The Miller Brothers Paving contractors did all this for our general contractor, creating an easy to navigate and durable asphalt parking lot for the Roswell GA retail park, and the GC was very pleased with our work, saying that our contractors were a great team to work with. We’re able to have these kinds of relationships with other construction professionals because of our experience in the area and integrity on every job. If your commercial property needs a new parking lot, contact Miller Brothers Paving Inc right away.

About Quality Parking Lot Sealcoating in Alpharetta GA

The trusted paving company for parking lot sealcoating in Alpharetta GA is Miller Brothers Paving, Inc because we’ve been paving parking lots, driveways, and roadways in the area for almost fifty years. Let our asphalt experts help you decide if a sealcoat is right for your commercial parking lot.

What is Asphalt Sealcoating?

First, it’s important for commercial property managers and owners to understand what an asphalt seal coat is. In short, an asphalt sealer is a blend of liquid petroleum and plastic products designed to revitalize worn asphalt pavement and protect against new wear and damage. Sealers are thinner than hot-pour asphalt but contain many of the same elements. These coatings are specially mixed to match the conditions at every unique parking lot.

Benefits of Parking Lot Sealcoating in Alpharetta GA

The Peach State has lots of different weather conditions that affect pavement, from high temperatures and bright sunlight in summer to precipitation and freezing temperatures in winter. A sealcoat protects your parking lot all year round by providing UV ray protection, flexibility for temperature changes, and sealing against water that causes cracks.

Your Alpharetta GA Parking Lot Sealcoating Experts

Miller Brothers Paving Inc is the area’s most trusted parking lot sealcoating company not only because of our experience, but also because we’ve developed relationships with suppliers of top-notch asphalt products like sealers and traffic paint. Whether you have an older parking lot in need of rehab or a new lot that needs protection from future wear, contact us for a consultation about our parking lot paving services.

(see before and after photos from a typical parking lot sealcoating project below)


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