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Miller Brothers Paving Inc became Decatur GA’s premier paving company through experience and integrity on every paving job, whether its a parking lot installation or sealcoating a roadway. The Miller family has been in the construction business for over half a century, and the Miller brothers have been in the asphalt paving business since the 1970s, so we have the experience in the Atlanta area to tackle any pavement project.

Best Paving Services in Decatur GA

– Parking Lot Sealcoating

– Pavement Repairs

– Parking Lot Paving

– Asphalt Overlays & Sealcoating

– Hot Crack Filling

– Pavement Maintenance


Why Choose Miller Brothers Paving, Inc.

  • Our family integrity and work ethic permeates our entire organization, not just because our founders, the original Miller brothers, are still involved with every paving project.
  • We keep up with emerging asphalt technologies not only with our expanding equipment but with the latest paving processes to best help our Atlanta area clients.
  • Professional licensing ensures that our paving contractors are legally certified to perform all pavign work in the area, and insurance gives both our employees and our clients peace of mind.

Enjoy Decatur GA

Located in the heart of DeKalb County Georgia, Decatur is an edge city of Atlanta GA with a 2010 Census population of 19,335. An “edge city” is a small city that shares a border with a larger metro area, and Decatur definitely qualifies, as it’s only 5 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta GA. Founded in 1823, the city has grown along with Atlanta and shares many amenities with the greater metro area, including MARTA rail lines and highways. Though property values in the area dropped in the beginning of the twentieth century, Decatur has grown into a trendy mixed-use residential and commercial area in recent years.

Decatur Square in downtown is a great place to enjoy local restaurants and shops, as well as outdoor events, art, and the historic county courthouse. Nearby Dearborn Park offers some beautiful scenic views and greenspace as well as places for kids to play. There are also four different designated historic districts to explore that feature stately Southern homes and historical attractions. The nearby Fernbank Museum of Natural History preserves the history of the Fernbank Forest an important old growth forest in the Decatur area. Whether visitors enjoy natural history, historic homes, or urban nightlife, Decatur has something to enjoy.

Parking Lot Striping and Asphalt Sealcoating Project in Decatur GA

Miller Brothers Paving has been providing quality paving work in the Decatur GA area for decades, and we’re happy to help local business owners keep their properties looking good and appealing to customers with fresh, beautiful, and safe asphalt pavement. We were happy to help a Decatur GA commercial property owner upgrade their parking lot with restorative paving services. We’d worked with them for years, and we love helping our ongoing clients preserve their pavement assets.

The Miller Brothers Paving crew arrived at the job site quickly to provide an accurate and detailed pavement maintenance plan. That asphalt parking lot had definitely seen better days, and had cracks, dry spots, and areas of wear. We knew that an asphalt sealcoating could help solve these pavement problems by sealing small cracks, replenishing oils in the asphalt, and providing a new, dark black surface. A sealcoating can also protect asphalt from wear and tear in the future by sealing it from water penetration and shielding it from UV rays.

After the sealcoating had cured, we applied high quality reflective traffic paint. We painted the lines between parking stalls, as well as ADA compliant pavement markings and other parking stripes. We even painted the drainage grates in the lot so that they were visible to drivers. We did it all after business hours were over so that we didn’t interrupt their operations.

Our Decatur GA client loved their upgraded parking lot. They thought it looked so clean that they didn’t want to mess it up by parking on it! If you need to upgrade your commercial pavement, contact Miller Brothers Paving right away!

How Often Should a Parking Lot Be Resurfaced?

Though asphalt pavement can last for decades with proper maintenance, sometimes the top surface is too worn or damaged and needs to be replaced. Asphalt parking lot resurfacing is a major undertaking, and needs the help of professional paving contractors with local experience.

In Decatur GA and the greater Atlanta GA area, Miller Brothers Paving Inc are those experienced paving contractors. Let us help you understand all the nitty gritty about parking lot resurfacing.

All About Pavement Resurfacing in Georgia

When should a parking lot be resurfaced?

When asphalt is worn away by traffic or dried out by weather and sealcoating hasn’t helped, you may need professional resurfacing. If the top layer of asphalt is damaged but the compacted gravel base layer is stable and undamaged, your trusted local paving company can resurface it.

What’s the parking lot resurfacing process?

Asphalt resurfacing involves removing the top layers of pavement and replacing it with brand new hot-pour asphalt. Asphalt is often recycled into other pavement projects, making this an eco-friendly paving process.

How often should a parking lot be resurfaced?

First, it’s important to only get resurfacing on a paved area that only has surface damage and is still stable underneath. With that, you should resurface your parking lot around every 5 years, and it can extend the life of your pavement for twice that. An asphalt sealcoating can be applied yearly or once every 2 years.

Your Decatur GA Parking Lot Resurfacing Experts

The Atlanta GA area’s most trusted paving company, Miller Brothers Paving Inc, are the area’s asphalt milling and resurfacing experts. We can revamp your parking lot with resurfacing, sealcoating, and repair services.

Top Pavement Maintenance Company in Decatur GA

As one of the top pavement maintenance contractors in the Atlanta Metro area, Miller Brothers Paving is dedicated to serving our neighbors in Decatur GA.  Miller Brothers Paving can handle all of your parking lot sealcoating, asphalt patching, parking lot repair, hot crack filling and more!  We also have a full asphalt paving crew that can handle all your parking lot paving needs.  Check back soon for more job updates in the Decatur GA area!

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