Concrete Curbs & Gutters

Most commercial property owners or property managers think of asphalt for parking lots and roadways, but concrete curbs and gutters are essential. To get a parking lot that will last for decades, you need a reputable paving company with experience with concrete curbs, gutters, and drainage systems. In the greater Atlanta, GA area, Miller Brothers Paving, Inc has that expertise.

Why Your Parking Lot or Driveway Needs Concrete Curbs & Gutters

If you have ever seen asphalt pavement without concrete edges, then you can see why curbs & gutters are so important. Without a concrete edge, asphalt can break apart and let water into the pavement. Concrete curb & gutter installations provide important stability and drainage.

Professional Curb & Gutter Services

To prevent erosion and asphalt edge deterioration, you need professional concrete curb and gutter services.

  • Concrete Installation

    Before installing any walkways, curbs, parking bumpers, or drainage system, our paving experts will consult with homeowners or commercial property managers to design the right pavement solution for their unique property.

    After the initial consultation, we will grade the area to ensure that the soil is properly compacted and water will flow away from asphalt pavement or buildings.

    We use strong concrete forms as well as proven processes like internal rebar frames to make the final concrete pavement strong, stable, and durable.

    All work is performed with our client’s timeline and budget in mind, so we can get your pavement upgraded with curbs and gutters quickly without impacting business.

  • Curb & Gutter Repair

    Before starting any repairs, we’ll put up appropriate warning signs and barriers to prevent any business interruption or accidents.

    First we’ll repair the gravel aggregate base for good drainage and stability.
    After finding the seams in the existing concrete, we will cut there to minimize damage to whole paving.
    Next, we use only strong concrete forms to ensure that the finished product is stable.

    We pour high quality concrete with a high PSI, properly mixed with air and sand to allow the pavement to withstand weather changes and wear.

    Our concrete finishing services ensure a smooth, attractive, but also durable finished product.

  • Your Local Curb & Gutter Experts

    The Miller family has been paving in and around Atlanta for over half a century, so Miller Brothers Paving, Inc can design, install, or repair any type of concrete paving our Georgia neighbors need, including curbs and gutters. Contact us today to learn more.

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