Crack Repair

Unfortunately, even the most well maintained asphalt pavement is subject to damage that requires professional crack repair services. In the greater Atlanta, GA metro area, the professionals with the most experience in asphalt repair are at Miller Brothers Paving, Inc. We became the leaders in asphalt crack repair throughout Georgia because of our dedication to quality work and satisfied clients.

How Asphalt Cracks Form

Cracks form in asphalt parking lots and roadways when UV rays, vehicle fluids, and temperature changes break down the binders that hold the pavement together. This exposes the gravel and sand inside the asphalt and lets water get into the pavement layer. Water collecting in this damaged asphalt surface also causes cracks during the freeze/thaw cycle.

Professional Asphalt Crack Repair Options

Your local trusted asphalt repair professionals can help commercial property managers and owners find the most cost-effective crack repair process for their particular situation. Asphalt crack repair options include:

  • Crack Filling – This pavement repair option is used when the cracks are under an inch wide and don’t show significant movement of the surrounding pavement. A specially formulated hot asphalt binder is poured into the crack, which fills it in and prevents water from entering it and causing more damage. Professional grade crack fillers are flexible so that they expand, contract, and move with the asphalt, keeping it sealed over longer.
  • Crack Sealing – This repair method is used on cracks that aren’t as deep and don’t show movement, but it also seals over the cracked area to prevent water damage. This type of repair is most often used on alligator cracking and other types of shallow cracks.
  • Asphalt Patching – When cracks are severe enough to cause damage to the pavement base or significant movement in the surrounding asphalt, it may be time for more extensive asphalt repair services like patching or milling, where the asphalt is removed and replaced.

Your Atlanta Area Asphalt Crack Repair Experts

If your Atlanta, GA area asphalt pavement has cracks, Miller Brothers Paving, Inc is the leader in asphalt repair. We’re a family owned and operated paving company that’s been in business in Georgia since 1954. No matter how large your parking lot or how severe the cracking is, our professional paving consultants can help you find the most cost-effective and long-lasting solution. Contact us today for professional asphalt crack repair in your area.

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