Parking Lot Repair, Overlay and Line Striping Project

Miller Brothers Paving is proud to help local businesses in Atlanta GA and surrounding communities keep their parking lots safe for their visitors. Our experience and knowledge lets us diagnose pavement issues and apply the right asphalt repair solutions without interrupting business or costing our clients tons of money.

A local commercial property owner near Roswell GA recently contacted us about their parking lot, which had developed cracks and become brittle after years of use. They wanted to revamp their parking lot without breaking the bank, and we had the perfect asphalt repair solution: asphalt overlay.

The proper parking lot repair process depends on how deep the damage goes. When an asphalt surface gets damaged by weathering or repeated vehicle traffic, the underlayers can remain intact. In this case, paving contractors can fix the damage by applying a new thin layer of hot asphalt overtop the existing pavement. Since our this particular commercial parking lot only had surface damage, an asphalt overlay was a good choice.

The paving work involved first thoroughly cleaning off the existing asphalt surface to remove all debris and ensure a good bond with the overlay. Next, our contractors laid down a 2” layer of hot-pour asphalt over the parking lot. Once it had cured, we applied specialized traffic paint to mark out all parking spaces, as well as arrows to indicate traffic flow through the lot.

The commercial property owner was very happy with the new parking lot, as were all the tenants in the small business park. They especially loved how we completed the job quickly and under budget!

If your Atlanta area business needs a parking lot upgrade, Miller Brothers Paving is the most reputable and trusted paving company. Call us right away for your free asphalt inspection and estimate.

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