Parking Lot Repair

When you visit any kind of commercial property, whether it’s a business park or subdivision, the first thing you see is the parking lot.
If the asphalt lot is damaged, cracked, or has potholes, that first impression isn’t going to be favorable. To make sure that visitors to your commercial property make that all important good first impression, you need professional parking lot repair services from a reputable paving company.

In Georgia, that company is Miller Brothers Paving, Inc. With over 50 years of experience paving the greater Atlanta, GA area, we have developed parking lot repair services to get you back to business.

Our Quality Parking Lot Repair Services

Even if they seem expensive, asphalt repairs save property owners money because a full parking lot removal and replacement is much more expensive. Professional paving contractors have a variety of repair services to keep your parking lot inviting and free of hazards.

Crack Sealing

Asphalt cracks can cause major pavement deterioration if left unchecked, even shallow alligator cracks, because they allow water to enter the pavement layers and break down the asphalt. Unlike standard crack filling services, crack sealing permanently fixes deep cracks in asphalt that cause instability in surrounding pavement by completely sealing them over with high quality flexible asphalt compounds.

Pothole Repair

Potholes are some of the most dangerous types of asphalt damage and require expert repair processes. To repair a pothole completely, reputable paving contractors will completely remove all debris first and then use only the highest quality asphalt products to fill the hole and ensure it binds with existing asphalt.

Asphalt Patching

When cracks or pavement deterioration is extensive, paving pros will cut out and replace sections in a process known as patching. Professional asphalt patching ensures that the damage won’t worsen or spread and the new asphalt top layer looks seamless.

Parking Lot Striping

If parking lines or pavement markings fade, it can cause accidents and property damage. Asphalt paint should be professionally reapplied often to keep it bright and visible, and your trusted local paving company can even help you redesign your parking lot.

Your Local Parking Lot Repair Experts

In the greater Atlanta metro area and surrounding communities, Miller Brothers Paving, Inc provides the highest quality parking lot repair services. We’ve been satisfying clients all over Atlanta, Marietta, and Alpharetta, GA for decades, and we can bring that experience to bear on your asphalt repairs. If your parking lot is suffering from cracks, potholes, or faded parking lines, contact us today.

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