Asphalt Patching

For commercial property owners, the asphalt paving is one of the most important components of their property values and forms the first impression for all the visitors to the property. If you have deteriorated asphalt in your commercial parking lot or roadways, you need asphalt repair services from a reputable company who knows your local area. Large areas of deteriorated asphalt require repairs called asphalt patching.

How do I know if I need asphalt patching?

Patching is required when cracks go through the surface asphalt layer into the gravel base, when there are deep potholes, or when there are several types of damage in one area. Usually, one pothole can be repaired or a few cracks can be sealed, but asphalt patching will replace the entire damaged area, leaving a seamless repair.

Property managers and commercial property owners in and around Atlanta, GA have a very experienced and reputable company in Miller Brothers Paving, Inc. Our family owned and operated paving business is dedicated to our neighbors in Georgia, and we’ve developed efficient asphalt repair services to get your pavement back in working order, including professional asphalt patching.

Our Proven Asphalt Patching Process

  • First, your dedicated asphalt expert will inspect the site and consult with the property manager or owner to determine a repair plan for damaged pavement.
  • Next, paving contractors will find pavement seams and cut through the pavement, then break up the damaged asphalt.
  • The area will be professionally excavated and cleaned to ensure that the new asphalt will adhere properly.
  • Professional paving contractors will replace the gravel base layer and tamp it down to ensure proper drainage, and then fill the area with a new layer of asphalt that’s properly mixed for the local conditions.
  • Using specialty equipment, the new asphalt will be compacted for stability and smoothed over. At this point, a slurry sealer or other sealant compound can be applied for a seamless repair.
  • True paving professionals will then stay in touch to make sure your pavement stays fully functional, and there are pavement maintenance plans to keep it that way.

Your Atlanta Area Asphalt Repair & Patching Specialists

Way back in 1954, the patriarch of the Miller family began a paving business in Georgia. Over the decades, his sons worked with him and eventually began their own paving company: Miller Brothers Paving, Inc. Because of this family work ethic and experience in the greater Atlanta area, we became the area’s trusted paving contractor for asphalt repairs and patching. Contact us today to rehabilitate your pavement.

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