Pothole Repair

Of all the types of asphalt damage out there, potholes can be the most dangerous, especially on commercial properties.

A pothole in an asphalt parking lot or roadway can cause vehicle damage as well as weaken the pavement around it, leading to expensive patching or pavement replacement later on. Commercial property owners need to get professional pothole repair as soon as possible from a reputable paving company with experience in their local area.

For commercial properties in the greater Atlanta metro area, that reputable company is Miller Brothers Paving Inc. We’ve been repairing damaged pavement in the area for decades, so we have the experience to fix your broken or cracked pavement quickly and completely.

  • How do potholes form in asphalt?

    Water is the most common cause of asphalt damage, as it can soak into tiny open spaces within the asphalt and gravel base, freeze, and cause asphalt binders to separate from the aggregates inside. If water pools in one spot long enough, it can repeatedly break up the pavement, leading to a deep hole called a pothole. Vehicles driving over weakened asphalt can further break it up until the entire structure is compromised.

  • Our Pothole Repair Process

    The professionals have developed proven methods for completely fixing potholes and restoring asphalt pavement. First, the pothole has to be thoroughly cleaned and all debris removed. Often, broken asphalt can be recycled in other pavement projects. Next, paving contractors fill the hole with a filler product specially mixed with hot asphalt binders, aggregates like sand, and flexible polymers. This mixture is compacted and allowed to cure, sealing the pothole off from moisture while allowing for the asphalt to expand and contract with temperature and stress.

  • How Pothole Repairs Save You Money

    When asphalt has broken down enough to form a pothole, it can be an indication that other problems will soon follow and your pavement is at the end of its life. Repairing your damaged asphalt in a timely manner can save property owners money because it rehabilitates failing pavement and prevents further damage.

  • Your Atlanta Area Pothole Repair Experts

    Millers Brothers Paving, Inc is a true family owned and operated business. Their father began an asphalt business back in the 1950s, and his sons opened their own later to continue his legacy. This family work ethic flows through the whole company, making Miller Brothers Paving the most reputable pothole repair company in the area. Contact us right away for expert asphalt repairs.

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