Seal Coating Project in the Atlanta GA Area for Global Real Estate Company

With over half a century experience with asphalt paving and repair in the Atlanta GA area, Miller Brothers Paving has become the leading commercial paving company. We’re dedicated to helping our ongoing customers keep their asphalt parking lots, roadways, and industrial pavement safe for all visitors to their properties. To accomplish that, we have asphalt experts who cultivate relationships with property managers and consult with them about the best ways to maintain and repair their pavement.

We recently helped one of our clients, a global commercial real estate company with several industrial parks in Atlanta GA area, with asphalt repair, maintenance, and line striping. This customer learned he value of working with an experienced asphalt contractor in the area that can provide a long term parking lot maintenance plan.

Our consultant laid out the benefits of sealcoating for their parking lots. These include revitalizing worn pavement by replacing important chemicals and oils, protecting the pavement from UV rays and moisture, as well as providing a smooth surface for traffic paint. The customer saw the value in this cost-effective service, so we got to work right away. First, we had to clean the area, then prime spots where oil had soaked into the pavement, and then finally applied commercial-grade asphalt sealcoating.

Once the asphalt surface was addressed, it was vital that we repaint the pavement markings. Sealcoating provides a dark surface that makes line striping highly visible. Our Atlanta GA metro area customer was very pleased with their revamped pavement, and they’re happy to keep working with the asphalt experts at Miller Brothers Paving.

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