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Line Striping and Parking Lot Sealcoating in Roswell GA

At Miller Brothers Paving, we’re so happy to have ongoing clients who trust us to manage their pavement assets over the years. The fact that we can help local Georgia organizations keep their visitors safe is a wonderful thing, and we’re always happy to jump on any job for a regular client. Recently, a client in Roswell GA contacted us about their parking lot, which was dry, cracked, and generally looking pretty sad.

A worn parking lot might not seem like a big deal to most property owners, but it can bring a host of problems with it. Cracked asphalt pavement can cause fender benders and pedestrian trip and fall accidents. Faded parking lines can also cause accidents, bad parking, not to mention fines for ADA noncompliance. Having an unattractive parking lot affects your curb appeal and reflects the care you take in your organization. Regular pavement maintenance also prevents bigger problems like potholes and shifting asphalt from happening in the first place!

The experienced Miller Brothers Paving crew was able to get out to the site quickly and restore their asphalt parking lot to its former glory with sealcoating, concrete installation, and fresh parking line striping. The lot had several islands with trees, making it a somewhat complicated job, but we got it done in record time. First, we sealcoated the entire lot, then constructed a concrete apron between two islands, and finally we painted new pavement markings and parking stripes. The customer loved their like-new parking lot!

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How long should asphalt sealcoating last in Atlanta GA?

Asphalt sealcoating is a great way to rehabilitate worn pavement and protect it for years to come, but you need to get professional paving contractors to apply it. In Atlanta GA, these trusted paving contractors are Miller Brothers Paving Inc. With over half a century of experience working in the area, we are the experts to help you protect and revamp your asphalt.

Atlanta Sealcoating FAQs

An asphalt sealcoating is a slurry of asphalt binders and fine sand for traction that’s poured hot over a worn asphalt surface.

Why apply a sealcoating?

If your asphalt is dried out but not damaged, a sealcoating can replenish oils in the binders and protect the surface against wear. It can be a great way to revamp older pavement, protect new pavement from wear, or create a fresh surface for line striping.

How long should asphalt sealcoating last in Atlanta GA?

This all depends on the amount of traffic the pavement endures. If its a high-traffic area, you might need to sealcoat your pavement yearly, but other properties might only need it once very two to five years.

What’s the process for sealcoating?

After your paving consultant has determined that a sealcoat is the best solution for your asphalt, they will block off the area, apply sealcoating to the affected areas, spreading the product with brushes or spraying. Within 8 hours, you should be able to walk on your new surface and drive on it within two days.

Experienced Atlanta GA Sealcoating Experts

Miller Brothers Paving Inc is the area’s trusted paving company, so we can help you keep your asphalt pavement protected and looking good.

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