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Parking Lot Paving in Atlanta GA for Brand New Commercial Building

At Miller Brothers Paving, we nurture relationships with other construction companies and general contractors in the Atlanta area so that we can better serve our community. The Miller Brothers Paving team recently got contacted by a general contractor we’d worked with before about paving the parking lot on a brand new commercial building they were constructing. We accepted so we could create the perfect parking lot from the ground up.

This Atlanta GA commercial property had some slope to the land, and our asphalt paving experts had to design a parking lot with adequate drainage. Grading is always a very important aspect of any pavement installation because nothing causes as much asphalt damage as water. Adequate drainage ensures that water flows away from the parking lot instead of pooling on the top surface where it can cause cracks, raveling, and ultimately pavement breakdown. With improper drainage and standing water, your new parking lot can get ruined in no time. That won’t happen with parking lot installation from Miller Brothers Paving, Atlanta GA’s trusted paving company.

The professional pavement design at Miller Brothers Paving make sure our new pavement installations last for decades. We build in proper grading and drainage to every paving job, whether that’s a large commercial parking lot or a long drive. Our Atlanta GA general contractor was very pleased with the new parking lot, and they were especially pleased with our crew’s workmanship, professionalism, and efficiency.

If you want to upgrade your commercial property with a new parking lot, contact Miller Brothers Paving for a consultation and site inspection.

Asphalt Paving Project Near Suwanee GA

At Miller Brothers Paving, we’ve developed relationships with general contractors and construction companies so that we can serve the greatest number of local clients. We perform each asphalt paving job to the highest standards of workmanship and integrity, and a recent asphalt paving project near Suwanee GA was no exception.

We recently bid on a commercial asphalt paving project in Johns Creek, Georgia, just outside of Suwanee. The general contractor knew that Miller Brothers Paving could get the asphalt installed the right way the first time in the most cost-effective way, and we were happy to exceed their expectations. After discussing the specifications for the new asphalt parking lot, we inspected the site and got to work.

It takes a certain amount of expertise to install asphalt pavement correctly so it remains stable and beautiful for years, requiring little maintenance, and the Miller Brothers Paving contractors were up for the challenge. First we installed a ground up aggregate base, then compacted and graded the aggregate to create proper drainage for the parking lot. After the base, we installed a thick binder asphalt layer for added stability, and finally laid down a smooth top asphalt layer. Our experienced paving contractors also installed beautiful, smooth concrete curbs, aprons, and bollards all around the property.

The general contractor loved the new pavement, and they were pleased with how quickly and efficiently the Miller Brothers Paving crew got the job done, letting them get back to work on the buildings. Contact Miller Brothers Paving to give your commercial property a facelift with brand new asphalt pavement!

Line Striping and Parking Lot Sealcoating in Roswell GA

At Miller Brothers Paving, we’re so happy to have ongoing clients who trust us to manage their pavement assets over the years. The fact that we can help local Georgia organizations keep their visitors safe is a wonderful thing, and we’re always happy to jump on any job for a regular client. Recently, a client in Roswell GA contacted us about their parking lot, which was dry, cracked, and generally looking pretty sad.

A worn parking lot might not seem like a big deal to most property owners, but it can bring a host of problems with it. Cracked asphalt pavement can cause fender benders and pedestrian trip and fall accidents. Faded parking lines can also cause accidents, bad parking, not to mention fines for ADA noncompliance. Having an unattractive parking lot affects your curb appeal and reflects the care you take in your organization. Regular pavement maintenance also prevents bigger problems like potholes and shifting asphalt from happening in the first place!

The experienced Miller Brothers Paving crew was able to get out to the site quickly and restore their asphalt parking lot to its former glory with sealcoating, concrete installation, and fresh parking line striping. The lot had several islands with trees, making it a somewhat complicated job, but we got it done in record time. First, we sealcoated the entire lot, then constructed a concrete apron between two islands, and finally we painted new pavement markings and parking stripes. The customer loved their like-new parking lot!

Contact Miller Brothers Paving to give your parking lot new life!

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How long should asphalt sealcoating last in Atlanta GA?

Asphalt sealcoating is a great way to rehabilitate worn pavement and protect it for years to come, but you need to get professional paving contractors to apply it. In Atlanta GA, these trusted paving contractors are Miller Brothers Paving Inc. With over half a century of experience working in the area, we are the experts to help you protect and revamp your asphalt.

Atlanta Sealcoating FAQs

An asphalt sealcoating is a slurry of asphalt binders and fine sand for traction that’s poured hot over a worn asphalt surface.

Why apply a sealcoating?

If your asphalt is dried out but not damaged, a sealcoating can replenish oils in the binders and protect the surface against wear. It can be a great way to revamp older pavement, protect new pavement from wear, or create a fresh surface for line striping.

How long should asphalt sealcoating last in Atlanta GA?

This all depends on the amount of traffic the pavement endures. If its a high-traffic area, you might need to sealcoat your pavement yearly, but other properties might only need it once very two to five years.

What’s the process for sealcoating?

After your paving consultant has determined that a sealcoat is the best solution for your asphalt, they will block off the area, apply sealcoating to the affected areas, spreading the product with brushes or spraying. Within 8 hours, you should be able to walk on your new surface and drive on it within two days.

Experienced Atlanta GA Sealcoating Experts

Miller Brothers Paving Inc is the area’s trusted paving company, so we can help you keep your asphalt pavement protected and looking good.

Exceptional Parking Lot Paving Services in Smyrna GA

For parking lot paving in Smyrna GA, Miller Brothers Paving Inc is the most trusted paving company because we work closely with our commercial clients to design the right pavement for each unique property. Here’s how we do it.

The Parking Lot Paving Process

A long-lasting asphalt parking lot begins with a well-draining and stable gravel aggregate base. We use quality gravel and compact it with professional equipment. Next, we specially mix asphalt binders and aggregates like sand to create hot-pour asphalt that matches the conditions of the site. Our professional contractors pour an asphalt layer of at least two inches, then let it cure before applying high-quality sealers and traffic paint. We can finish asphalt parking lots with concrete curbs, gutters, aprons, as well as parking bumpers. Finally, our line striping services provide traffic flow and parking spaces.

Parking Lot Paving Costs in Smyrna GA

The cost for a commercial parking lot depends on a lot of factors, including paving material costs, square footage, finishing services, and the state of the property. At Miller Brothers Paving, we always work closely with property managers and owners to find the most cost-effective paving services.

Smyrna GA’s Parking Lot Paving Experts

Smyrna GA’s trusted parking lot paving company is Miller Brothers Paving, Inc because we’ve been paving in Georgia for almost half a century. Miller, Sr. began his paving business in 1954 and passed his love of the industry to his sons, who began their company in the 1970s. All these years working with asphalt and concrete paving means we are the most reputable paving company to install your commercial parking lot in Smyrna GA.

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