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Comprehensive Parking Lot Repair in Atlanta Suburb

At Miller Brothers Paving, we offer quality parking lot repair services to local business owners in the greater Atlanta, GA area, because we deeply care about local communities like Stone Mountain and Lilburn, Georgia. Recently, a Lilburn business owner facing alligator cracking on their asphalt pavement spotted our trucks at a nearby paving job and called the number listed on our company vehicles.

This GA commercial property owner made the right choice. Our skilled asphalt paving representative promptly arrived at the property and conducted a thorough inspection. The pavement had a multitude of problems, including badly damaged areas, alligator cracking throughout, and faded lines. It was in fairly rough shape.

Working closely with the property owner, we determined the perfect solution was an asphalt overlay and comprehensive line striping and pavement marking. With decades of experience in the asphalt paving industry, we were able to restore their parking lot to full functionality promptly and cost-effectively. The work involved an asphalt overlay, or a new, smooth top layer, as well as the precise application of pavement markings to ensure ADA compliance. Our meticulous process not only addressed the property’s issues but also provided long-term benefits, including enhanced safety and aesthetics.

The job was completed on time, with minimal disruption to the business’s operations. The Lilburn business owner expressed their satisfaction, emphasizing the professionalism they experienced throughout the entire process, from the initial phone call to the dealings with our sales and office teams, as well as the job site crew.

Trust Miller Brothers for Parking Lot Repair and Striping in Atlanta, GA

Miller Brothers Paving has served Lilburn and the Atlanta suburbs for years, with extensive experience in asphalt paving and parking lot repair services. Our commitment to quality and dedication to the community make us the ideal choice for your parking lot needs.

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Parking Lot Paving in Atlanta GA for Brand New Commercial Building

At Miller Brothers Paving, we nurture relationships with other construction companies and general contractors in the Atlanta area so that we can better serve our community. The Miller Brothers Paving team recently got contacted by a general contractor we’d worked with before about paving the parking lot on a brand new commercial building they were constructing. We accepted so we could create the perfect parking lot from the ground up.

This Atlanta GA commercial property had some slope to the land, and our asphalt paving experts had to design a parking lot with adequate drainage. Grading is always a very important aspect of any pavement installation because nothing causes as much asphalt damage as water. Adequate drainage ensures that water flows away from the parking lot instead of pooling on the top surface where it can cause cracks, raveling, and ultimately pavement breakdown. With improper drainage and standing water, your new parking lot can get ruined in no time. That won’t happen with parking lot installation from Miller Brothers Paving, Atlanta GA’s trusted paving company.

The professional pavement design at Miller Brothers Paving make sure our new pavement installations last for decades. We build in proper grading and drainage to every paving job, whether that’s a large commercial parking lot or a long drive. Our Atlanta GA general contractor was very pleased with the new parking lot, and they were especially pleased with our crew’s workmanship, professionalism, and efficiency.

If you want to upgrade your commercial property with a new parking lot, contact Miller Brothers Paving for a consultation and site inspection.

Parking Lot Striping and Asphalt Sealcoating Project in Decatur GA

Miller Brothers Paving has been providing quality paving work in the Decatur GA area for decades, and we’re happy to help local business owners keep their properties looking good and appealing to customers with fresh, beautiful, and safe asphalt pavement. We were happy to help a Decatur GA commercial property owner upgrade their parking lot with restorative paving services. We’d worked with them for years, and we love helping our ongoing clients preserve their pavement assets.

The Miller Brothers Paving crew arrived at the job site quickly to provide an accurate and detailed pavement maintenance plan. That asphalt parking lot had definitely seen better days, and had cracks, dry spots, and areas of wear. We knew that an asphalt sealcoating could help solve these pavement problems by sealing small cracks, replenishing oils in the asphalt, and providing a new, dark black surface. A sealcoating can also protect asphalt from wear and tear in the future by sealing it from water penetration and shielding it from UV rays.

After the sealcoating had cured, we applied high quality reflective traffic paint. We painted the lines between parking stalls, as well as ADA compliant pavement markings and other parking stripes. We even painted the drainage grates in the lot so that they were visible to drivers. We did it all after business hours were over so that we didn’t interrupt their operations.

Our Decatur GA client loved their upgraded parking lot. They thought it looked so clean that they didn’t want to mess it up by parking on it! If you need to upgrade your commercial pavement, contact Miller Brothers Paving right away!

Line Striping and Parking Lot Sealcoating in Roswell GA

At Miller Brothers Paving, we’re so happy to have ongoing clients who trust us to manage their pavement assets over the years. The fact that we can help local Georgia organizations keep their visitors safe is a wonderful thing, and we’re always happy to jump on any job for a regular client. Recently, a client in Roswell GA contacted us about their parking lot, which was dry, cracked, and generally looking pretty sad.

A worn parking lot might not seem like a big deal to most property owners, but it can bring a host of problems with it. Cracked asphalt pavement can cause fender benders and pedestrian trip and fall accidents. Faded parking lines can also cause accidents, bad parking, not to mention fines for ADA noncompliance. Having an unattractive parking lot affects your curb appeal and reflects the care you take in your organization. Regular pavement maintenance also prevents bigger problems like potholes and shifting asphalt from happening in the first place!

The experienced Miller Brothers Paving crew was able to get out to the site quickly and restore their asphalt parking lot to its former glory with sealcoating, concrete installation, and fresh parking line striping. The lot had several islands with trees, making it a somewhat complicated job, but we got it done in record time. First, we sealcoated the entire lot, then constructed a concrete apron between two islands, and finally we painted new pavement markings and parking stripes. The customer loved their like-new parking lot!

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High Quality Parking Lot Striping in Cumming, GA

Cumming GA’s full service paving company is Miller Brothers Paving Inc because we strive for perfection with every job, whether that’s a full service asphalt parking lot installation or asphalt resurfacing and new line striping. A reputable paving company can also help revitalize your asphalt parking lot, including resurfacing or sealcoating the asphalt as well as restriping.

Let’s dig into Miller Brothers Paving Inc’s parking lot striping services in Cumming GA.

What is Parking Lot Striping?

Drivers use parking lines every day, but most don’t understand how important they are. Asphalt paving professionals use high quality traffic paint that’s specially designed for durability, traction, and visibility to paint the pavement markings that keep drivers safe. Professional parking lot striping includes parking space lines, numbers and letters, traffic signs, hazard markings, as well as ADA compliant handicapped parking designs. These markings are usually painted right after the asphalt has cured, but restriping is also important to parking lot safety.

Parking Lot Striping Costs in Cumming GA

Professional parking lot paving contractors calculate pavement marking costs in a couple different ways: Parking spaces, curb painting, and traffic lanes are calculated by linear foot, and parking designs like space numbers and handicap parking designs are charged per piece.

Your Cumming GA Parking Lot Striping Experts

Miller Brothers Paving Inc has the local experience and industry expertise to design, install, and paint the perfect parking lot. Our paving experts have installed parking lots in a variety of areas and conditions, so we know how to create long-lasting, well-draining and safe parking lots for our local commercial clients.

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