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Miller Brothers Paving Inc has been professionals in the asphalt paving business for the Buford GA area since the 1970s, with construction business experience for over a half a century. We are the premier paving company for any professional paving job, from parking lot installations to sealcoating roadways.

Best Paving Services in Buford GA

– Asphalt Installation

– Parking Lot Repair

– Crack Filling

– Pavement Repairs

– Overlays & Sealcoating

– Concrete Services


  • We maintain professional licensing for our paving contractors so they are legally certified in performing all paving work in the area.
  • Our dedication to maintaining pace with emergent asphalt technologies keep us expanding our equipment and our paving processes to best serve our Buford area clients.
  • The family integrity and work ethic upheld by the original Miller brothers permeates our entire organization, as they are still involved with every paving project.

Enjoy Buford GA

A city in the Gwinnett and Hall counties of Georgia, Buford is a small city with a 2010 Census population of 12,225. Originally part of Cherokee territory and inhabited by the Cherokee until the 1830s, the city was founded in 1872 after a railroad was constructed connecting Charlotte with Atlanta. The Bona Allen Company made the city known for its leather industry. They are known in recent years for the Tannery Row Artist Colony, which houses galleries and studios for artists.

Buford features a number of walking trails throughout the city. The trails can be accessed from the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center, which is a museum and cultural center in Buford erected to teach children about environmental resources and Gwinnett’s cultural heritage, including the county’s Cherokee and Creek cultures. One of its exhibits is the Chesser-Williams House, a house that is one of the oldest wooden-frame houses in Gwinnett County and is believed to predate the 1850s. The Mall of Georgia, which is the largest mall in Georgia, has over 200 stores and 20 Regal cinema and IMAX Theaters. While outside the city limits, the mall also accesses the walking trails of the city. Both these locations have a lot to for people to enjoy.

Can you pour new asphalt over old asphalt?

Property owners with cracked, brittle, and plain ugly pavement may be wondering what their options are. This leads to questions like, can you pour new asphalt over old asphalt?

The short answer is yes, and it’s called an asphalt overlay process. But it’s not something you can DIY.

If your asphalt pavement has suffered wear and damage over the years, you definitely need to get the services of a professional paving contractor. In Buford GA, Miller Brothers Paving Inc are the trusted paving contractors to help commercial property owners get their parking lots and pavement back to full function quickly and at a reasonable price.

Asphalt Overlay Versus Removal and Replacement

Pavement experts can help you find the most cost-effective asphalt repair for your circumstances, but it pays to know a little bit about asphalt repair options.

Asphalt Overlay

This is essentially pouring new asphalt over old asphalt, and it creates a brand new pavement surface that will last for years. An asphalt overlay can only be performed if the underlayer is intact and there aren’t major structural problems like deep cracks or sunken areas. Overlays are performed after crack filling, pavement cleaning, or asphalt milling services to ensure damage won’t just show through the new layer.

Asphalt Replacement

If your pavement is too far gone to take another layer of asphalt on top, you’ll need more extensive (and expensive) asphalt repair. With a full parking lot replacement, your trusted paving contractors will break up and remove the top asphalt layers, exposing the pavement’s gravel base. Then they can fix any issues with drainage or structural integrity, replacing and compacting the gravel to create a stable base. Then the top layer is replaced with new asphalt.

Whichever process is right for your pavement, Miller Brothers Paving Inc has the experience to revamp your asphalt and protect visitors to your property. Contact us for a free asphalt inspection and estimate.

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