Best there is I would never use anyone else.

Billy P.



I am on the HOA Board of Directors in a medium-sized townhome community. We needed to have our street markings repainted (parking space lines, handicap emblem, tow away zone stripes, etc). I happened to run across Miller Bros’ name in some 2014 invoices….so I called them late in the day last Friday (exactly 1 week ago). To my pleasant surprise, Josh Miller returned my call the next day. We discussed the project, he actually came out to the community on Saturday….his brother also came out to take a look at the job on Sunday. By Monday we had agreed on a price (that was lower than the other quotes I had received!), they started the job yesterday (Thursday), and it looks like they are going to wrap it up today. Even though they encountered a hiccup that required more labor on their part…and I added a 20′ tow away zone stripe….they are still going to finish today (possibly tomorrow…which is still within the timeframe they told me it would take). AND, although their initial quote was increased due to the additional labor, they did NOT try to jack up the price on me simply because it was the eleventh hour. The streets look EXCELLENT – even residents have commented on how good it looks!

I will definitely use Miller Brothers Paving again when our private streets need to be sealed or paved…and when the asphalt on our carriage ways needs attention. There is just something to be said for this level of customer service! It is not common in the world today. Many thanks to Miller Bros – and specifically, Josh – for making this project simple, time-efficient, and cost-effective all at once! You definitely excel at what you do!

Jenn A.
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