Crack Sealing

The heat and sun of summer and the cold moisture of winter can really do a number on your asphalt pavement, causing all kinds of cracking and breaking. When your asphalt parking lot or roadway has cracks, you need professional asphalt crack sealing services from a reputable local company.Commercial property owners in the greater Atlanta, GA metro area are in luck because they have a professional paving company with over half a century of experience: Miller Brothers Paving, Inc. Our family owned and operated paving company can tackle all kinds of asphalt repair projects, including repair services tailored to the type of damage your asphalt has suffered.

Types of Asphalt Cracks

There are different types of cracks that require different asphalt repair methods, such as:
  • Alligator cracking is the term for an area with many shallow, interconnected cracks on the surface, usually caused by heavy loads.
  • Edge cracks form when the edges of asphalt pavement aren’t properly sealed or reinforced with concrete curbs, allowing the edges to deteriorate.
  • Working cracks are larger cracks in asphalt pavement that go through all the layers and show movement in asphalt sections around the crack. These are very serious and need professional crack sealing products.

The Difference Between Asphalt Crack Sealing and Filling

  • Crack Filling

    For cracks that don’t move much from temperature changes or vehicle traffic, the preferred method of repair is crack filling, where professionals inject or pour liquid asphalt emulsions into cracks to seal them and prevent water from getting back into the crack. Crack filling is considered a temporary repair, lasting only one or two years, depending on how much traffic the area gets.

  • Crack Sealing

    A more permanent repair for asphalt cracks is called crack sealing, which uses rubberized asphalt products. This method is used for asphalt that expands and contracts with temperature changes and/or moves significantly with vehicle traffic because crack sealing products are designed to allow for this movement. With crack sealing, these flexible hot asphalt products are poured into the crack to completely seal it over, creating a repair that can last up to a decade.

Your Trusted Local Asphalt Crack Sealing Experts

Miller Brothers Paving, Inc has become the most trusted asphalt repair company in the greater Atlanta, GA area by consistently performing quality repair, installation, and maintenance of area commercial properties. We have dedicated asphalt repair experts waiting to consult with Georgian commercial property managers and owners about their cracked asphalt.

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