Best Paving Contractor in Suwanee GA

Over four decades, Miller Brothers Paving Inc has become Suwanee GA’s best paving company through quality work at reasonable prices. We’re a family owned and operated paving business that stays current with the latest asphalt processes and state of the art equipment. Whether your property needs a new parking lot or pavement repair, our professional contractors are ready to help.

Paving Services Offered in Suwanee GA

– Parking Lot Repair

– Crack Sealing

– Asphalt Resurfacing

– Grading

– Sealcoating


  • All our employees are encouraged to keep learning and training in new paving technologies, as well as maintain professional licensing and insurance.
  • The Miller family has been working in the paving industry since 1954, and our work ethic and dedication to our neighbors is unparalleled.
  • We always offer the most cost-effective pavement services at reasonable prices and strive to complete all work under budget and within our client’s timeline.

About Suwanee, GA

Located on the Chattahoochee River in Gwinnett County Georgia, Suwanee GA is a growing city 35 miles northeast of Atlanta GA. The population was 15,355 in 2010, according to the US Census Bureau, and it grew an estimated 5,000 over the next decade to an estimated 2019 population of 20,907. Throughout the twenty-first century, the town has been consistently voted as a great place to live and raise families by various magazines, and it has highly rated schools and public amenities.

Like many Georgia communities, the town was originally settled by Cherokee Native Americans until white settlers pushed them out in the mid 1800s. Suwanee was officially founded in 1837 and grew in 1871 with the expansion of the Georgia Air Line Railroad through the town. Transportation again brought the town prosperity with the 1936 building of the Buford Highway, which is a thriving retail district today, and then again with the 1960 construction of US Interstate 85. Most of the historic buildings from the town’s early days are preserved in the 56 acre historic Old Town Suwanee district, which is a great place to spend an afternoon. The town also has beautiful greenspaces like Suwanee Creek Park and Sims Lake Park, where visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing, and more.

Asphalt Paving Project Near Suwanee GA

At Miller Brothers Paving, we’ve developed relationships with general contractors and construction companies so that we can serve the greatest number of local clients. We perform each asphalt paving job to the highest standards of workmanship and integrity, and a recent asphalt paving project near Suwanee GA was no exception.

We recently bid on a commercial asphalt paving project in Johns Creek, Georgia, just outside of Suwanee. The general contractor knew that Miller Brothers Paving could get the asphalt installed the right way the first time in the most cost-effective way, and we were happy to exceed their expectations. After discussing the specifications for the new asphalt parking lot, we inspected the site and got to work.

It takes a certain amount of expertise to install asphalt pavement correctly so it remains stable and beautiful for years, requiring little maintenance, and the Miller Brothers Paving contractors were up for the challenge. First we installed a ground up aggregate base, then compacted and graded the aggregate to create proper drainage for the parking lot. After the base, we installed a thick binder asphalt layer for added stability, and finally laid down a smooth top asphalt layer. Our experienced paving contractors also installed beautiful, smooth concrete curbs, aprons, and bollards all around the property.

The general contractor loved the new pavement, and they were pleased with how quickly and efficiently the Miller Brothers Paving crew got the job done, letting them get back to work on the buildings. Contact Miller Brothers Paving to give your commercial property a facelift with brand new asphalt pavement!

Best Parking Lot Repair in Suwanee GA

Miller Brothers Paving Inc is Suwanee GA’s trusted pavement repair company because we’re locally grown and family owned, so we treat every paving client like our neighbor. We understand that commercial property managers and area residents alike need safe, beautiful pavement at the lowest price, and we’re here to help.

All About Parking Lot Repair in Suwanee GA

The Peach State has all kinds of weather from hot summer temps to heavy rains and winter freezing, and all of this can cause damage to your asphalt parking lot. Water and temperature changes can create cracks, depressions, edge deterioration, potholes, and other damage that requires professional repairs.

We offer all types of parking lot repair, including:

Crack Sealing

Using only high quality products, we fill in parking lot cracks with flexible asphalt binders that prevent water from entering and widening cracks.

Pothole Repair

Potholes can be very dangerous for drivers, so we repair them quickly by removing all broken pavement and debris, then filling with flexible asphalt that thoroughly binds to existing asphalt.

Asphalt Patching

When there are extensive cracks in a certain area of pavement, contractors will cut away the entire area and replace it with fresh hot-pour asphalt, then compact it to match the existing pavement.

Suwanee GA’s Parking Lot Repair Experts

Miller Brothers Paving Inc is the Suwanee and Atlanta GA area’s trusted paving company because we offer all these kinds of repairs for reasonable prices. We will work with your commercial property manager or directly with owners to find the most cost-effective and long-lasting asphalt repair for your situation.

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