Local Paving Contractor in Atlanta Installs New Asphalt Driveway

DeKalb County’s trusted paving company, Miller Brothers Paving Inc, has been paving both residential and commercial properties all over the Atlanta GA area for decades, and we recently had the honor of helping a local homeowner beautify their property with a new asphalt driveway.

The old driveway just NW of Atlanta in Stone Mountain GA was seriously deteriorated, with cracks and depressions making it not only unsightly but also unsafe. A driveway with asphalt problems like deep cracks can be a hazard not only for vehicles and pedestrians but also allow for erosion of the land underneath. A broken driveway can also actually lower residential property values because it doesn’t look great and gives the wrong impression to potential buyers.

While there are ways to repair a broken driveway, at some point, it’s better to completely replace the pavement. The Stone Mountain GA homeowner chose an asphalt driveway because their drive was long and asphalt is an attractive and durable option for longer driveways that see repeated traffic. The experienced Miller Brothers Paving contractors were able to get out to the property right away and install an asphalt driveway that is attractive and long-lasting.

The homeowners in Stone Mountain GA were very pleased with their driveway, saying it “makes the home and yard look brand new,” and it certainly raised their property values. The client also mentioned how quick and professional our paving contractors were during the installation of their new driveway. To see what Miller Brothers Paving Inc can do for your Georgia residential property, contact us today.

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