Parking Lot Repair in Marietta GA: Enhancing Parking Lots with Permaflex

Marietta Parking Lot Project - Permaflex overlay 2

Parking lot repair in Marietta GA, a job completed by Miller Brothers Paving Inc.  In this case study, we explore how Miller Brothers Paving, Inc. tackled a heavily cracked parking lot in Marietta, GA, using Permaflex to create a long lasting and appealing solution.

Xhale City, in Marietta, GA, using Miller Brothers Paving on their 3rd location now, was seeking help for their severely cracked parking lot in this project. They wanted to improve the appearance of the lot to create a better experience for their customers and strengthen durability.

Miller Brothers Paving, Inc. suggested Permaflex with a 9.5 MM F2 Mix overlay, a reliable technique for repairing and beautifying damaged surfaces. This innovative solution involves applying a flexible overlay to address cracks and create a smooth, uniform surface.

The outcome was impressive, with the parking lot in Marietta, GA transformed into a visually appealing and safe space. Xhale City was thrilled with the results. The Permaflex overlay not only improved aesthetics but also enhanced longevity.

Permaflex offers several advantages, such as cost-effectiveness, minimal disruption during installation, and resistance to cracking. Their ability to restore and upgrade damaged surfaces makes them an ideal choice for parking lots and other pavement areas.

Miller Brothers Paving, Inc. showcased their expertise in Marietta, GA, by revitalizing a cracked parking lot with Permaflex, delivering lasting results and customer satisfaction.

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