Parking Lot Repair Project Near Smyrna GA

Miller Brothers Paving is the leading paving company in the greater Atlanta GA region. We have been providing a full range of paving, line striping, and sealcoating services to businesses and homeowners for over 50 years. Our experienced team is dedicated to quality craftsmanship, with every project completed on time and within budget.

One of our valued commercial customers in Smyrna GA recently contacted us about their parking lot. The parking lines were faded and the asphalt was worn and brittle. Our parking lot repair expert got out to the site to inspect it quickly, and we put together a project that would get their parking lot looking beautiful again.

First thing our paving contractors had to do was clean all asphalt of debris with power blowers, then safely removed the debris from the site. Next, we applied primer to every spot that had oil soaked into the asphalt, and then we laid down two full coats of commercial-grade asphalt sealcoating that had special sand mixed in for superior traction. Next, we restriped the entire parking lot, painting pavement markings and parking lines with high quality traffic paint.

Our Smyrna GA commercial client was so pleased with their brand new looking parking lot. They knew they had the help of Georgia’s premier paving company, and they were particularly impressed with how we completed the job without interrupting traffic! This kind of service is why you need a trusted local paving company with experience like Miller Brothers Paving.

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