Parking Lot Sealcoating and Pavement Markings Project near Atlanta

A local Atlanta area business owner had a problem with their worn parking lot and cracked concrete dumpster pad, and they knew to call the Atlanta GA metro area’s trusted paving company, Miller Brothers Paving. With decades of experience with parking lot repair and revitalization, we were happy to find solutions to their asphalt and concrete pavement problems. We sent a professional paving consultant out to inspect their pavement and discuss the different asphalt repair solutions that could bring their parking lot back to full function.

After providing a detailed estimate that included transparent pricing, we were able to get to work. First, we focused on the concrete dumpster pad. The first step was cutting and removing the broken concrete, hauling it away to be recycled in other paving projects. Next, we ensured that the pad had a stable gravel base and then poured high quality, durable reinforced concrete. With our superior finishing processes, we were able to ensure a smooth transition from concrete to asphalt, guaranteeing the client a heavy duty area that can withstand larger weight limits for years to come.

Next, our crew of licensed paving contractors tackled the dry, brittle asphalt parking lot. To replace vital oils, we applied a sealcoating, a thin layer of asphalt binders and polymers designed to revitalize and protect pavement. The sealcoating not only gave the worn asphalt new life, protected it from further wear, but it also created a dark black surface that makes the fresh traffic paint even more visible. Our Clarkson GA client was so pleased with their like-new parking lot and long-lasting dumpster pad. If your pavement needs the same treatment, call Miller Brothers Paving right away.

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