What does it mean to seal coat a parking lot?

What can you do if your asphalt parking lot isn’t looking so great but there’s no major problems? Seal coat your parking lot! A sealcoating revitalizes and protects worn pavement, extending its life for years.

In Brookhaven GA, Miller Brothers Paving Inc, Atlanta GA’s premier paving company, has professional parking lot sealcoating services that can revitalize your aging asphalt.

First the parking lot needs to be swept clean of debris like leaves, flakes of old asphalt, and dirt. Next, it’s a good idea to fill any cracks so they don’t reflect through. Finally, paving professionals spread an asphalt seal coating over the entire parking lot surface.

What’s in an asphalt seal coating?

An asphalt sealcoat is made up of a liquid material, either asphalt cement or coal tar pitch, mixed with emulsifiers, liquid plastics, other additives, and small aggregates like sand for traction. The sealcoating is designed to protect against UV rays, gasoline, road salt, water, and chemicals.

Is sealcoating a cost-effective?

Getting a seal coat on your parking lot is one of the most cost-effective paving services you can get for several reasons. First, it’s inexpensive to perform, but sealcoating also prevents more expensive repairs like patching or overlays by stopping pavement deterioration in its tracks.

Your Brookhaven GA Sealcoating Experts

In the greater Atlanta GA area, the best paving company is Miller Brothers Paving Inc because we treat every customer like they’re family. We’ll inspect your property and recommend the paving services that will give you the most protection for the least amount of money. For your free inspection, contact us!

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