Asphalt Contractor completes Parking Lot Paving in Alpharetta GA

Miller Brothers Paving is the trusted paving company in Fulton County communities like Roswell and Alpharetta GA because we not only have decades of experience in paving services, but also the right equipment to create the best parking lots for our clients’ needs. Recently a general contractor building a new retail park in Roswell GA contacted us because they knew the Miller Brothers crew are the best in the area.

To install a long-lasting asphalt parking lot, there’s effective procedures to follow that starts with a stable gravel aggregate base. Experienced paving contractors know to grade the land and this gravel base to provide proper drainage and a durable underlayer for the pavement. After that, we applied a binder layer, and finally an asphalt surface layer that’s thick enough to support the weight of vehicles. To finish off the parking lot, we paint parking lines, ADA compliant symbols, and traffic symbols. We can also finish off the parking lot with concrete curbs and parking bumpers.

The Miller Brothers Paving contractors did all this for our general contractor, creating an easy to navigate and durable asphalt parking lot for the Roswell GA retail park, and the GC was very pleased with our work, saying that our contractors were a great team to work with. We’re able to have these kinds of relationships with other construction professionals because of our experience in the area and integrity on every job. If your commercial property needs a new parking lot, contact Miller Brothers Paving Inc right away.

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