Comprehensive Parking Lot Repair in Atlanta Suburb

At Miller Brothers Paving, we offer quality parking lot repair services to local business owners in the greater Atlanta, GA area, because we deeply care about local communities like Stone Mountain and Lilburn, Georgia. Recently, a Lilburn business owner facing alligator cracking on their asphalt pavement spotted our trucks at a nearby paving job and called the number listed on our company vehicles.

This GA commercial property owner made the right choice. Our skilled asphalt paving representative promptly arrived at the property and conducted a thorough inspection. The pavement had a multitude of problems, including badly damaged areas, alligator cracking throughout, and faded lines. It was in fairly rough shape.

Working closely with the property owner, we determined the perfect solution was an asphalt overlay and comprehensive line striping and pavement marking. With decades of experience in the asphalt paving industry, we were able to restore their parking lot to full functionality promptly and cost-effectively. The work involved an asphalt overlay, or a new, smooth top layer, as well as the precise application of pavement markings to ensure ADA compliance. Our meticulous process not only addressed the property’s issues but also provided long-term benefits, including enhanced safety and aesthetics.

The job was completed on time, with minimal disruption to the business’s operations. The Lilburn business owner expressed their satisfaction, emphasizing the professionalism they experienced throughout the entire process, from the initial phone call to the dealings with our sales and office teams, as well as the job site crew.

Trust Miller Brothers for Parking Lot Repair and Striping in Atlanta, GA

Miller Brothers Paving has served Lilburn and the Atlanta suburbs for years, with extensive experience in asphalt paving and parking lot repair services. Our commitment to quality and dedication to the community make us the ideal choice for your parking lot needs.

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